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In Tune with our Times: St. Elizabeth of Portugal

St. Elizabeth of Portugal is a saint who can inspire your everyday life. Her life of virtue and her holy example offer guidance for living a life grounded in faith, service and compassion. This makes her a perfect saint for the Nashville Catholic Business Women’s League. 

One of St. Elizabeth’s commitments was to foster peace and reconciliation in all situations. She didn’t back away from conflict, but understood that conflict could create change and lead to holiness. When conflicts arose, whether at home or in the workplace, she chose to take a pause, to actively listen to the voices in the situation so that she could understand the needs of each person. In your family, at work, in social circles or in your communities, you can imitate St. Elizabeth by acting as a mediator to others. In difficult situations or in conflict, you can help find common ground and promote harmony. Relying on patience and understanding will transform your relationships and bring a sense of calm to your daily interactions. This is a much needed skill in today’s time of conflict and polarization. 

St. Elizabeth’s dedication to service is another one of her guiding lights. She was always seeking ways to serve others while sharing her love of God. In her footsteps, you can seek out ways to volunteer your time, talent and treasures in ways that resonate with you. God has given you natural and supernatural gifts that you can use to build up his kingdom. These gifts can be used in your closest circles like your family, close friends or at church. Along with volunteering, you can perform small acts of kindness each day, such as helping a neighbor, donating to charity, or offering a kind word to someone who seems down. These simple gestures, inspired by St. Elizabeth’s tireless care for the poor and sick, help to create ripples of goodwill, joy and healing that extend far beyond your immediate circles.

Spiritual resilience was also a hallmark of Elizabeth’s life. She encountered many difficult situations, yet she remained firm in her faith and persevered in prayer. Through her example this type of faith can be a cornerstone for you as well. Intentionally planning time each day for prayer, reflection, and reading Scripture strengthens your faith and provides guidance and direction. St. Elizabeth’s faith and her actions were nurtured by regular participation in the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation. She understood that they renew and deepen your relationship with God. The Sacraments fill your faith “cup” and allow you to pour God’s goodness into the lives of others.  

St. Elizabeth realized the importance and the precious bonds of family. She made her family a daily priority above and beyond her charitable acts. She encouraged others to make family a priority too by creating a loving and supportive environment where virtues like patience, kindness, and faithfulness were modeled and nurtured. This focus on family strengthens your connections and provides a foundation of love and support. This foundation is crucial for the world today as the family is constantly under attack. 

By weaving these practices into the fabric of your daily lives, you can emulate St. Elizabeth of Portugal’s example, bringing her spirit of peace, service, and faith into everything you do. This powerful saint is a reminder to love and serve with your heart turned towards God. She knew the love of the Father and was able to pass that love on to everyone she encountered in her daily life. St. Elizabeth of Portugal’s feast day is July 4 and she is the patron saint of brides, charitable workers, and widows. 


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