Past Meeting Highlights


August Meeting
August  19  |  St. Cecilia Academy
Guest: Nancy Peterson Hearn

Thursday luncheon at St. Cecilia Academy
We kicked off our campus tour series on August 19 at St. Cecilia Academy -- and what a marvelous event it was! Special thanks to our gracious hosts, Sister Anne Catherine and her dedicated team and staff, who treated the league ladies to a delightful luncheon and program featuring SCA seniors and our Pearls of Wisdom scholar Naomi Nicole Mejia. Highlight of the afternoon was the appearance of our long-time member Nancy Peterson Hearn (SCA '51) who captivated the room with her incredible life story. What a gift!

July Meeting
July 21  |  Coco's Italian Market and Cafe
Speaker: Mary Margaret Lambert

July Meeting.jpg
July Meeting pic 2.jpg

Our NCBWL July 21st meeting was the largest assembly of women in a monthly meeting this year! Forty-seven women gathered at Coco’s Event Center led by President-elect Claudia Weber who filled in for Lynne Warne, who was on vacation. The much nicer, bigger venue allowed for a delightful fellowship for league members and guests and set the tone for an evening filled with laughter, wisdom and purpose.


Our July speaker Mary Margaret Lambert, speaker and author of the book “Life is Too Short to Wear Beige” captivated her audience with her amazing brand of humor and valuable insight on the topic “Too old for the Rockettes, too active for the rocking chair.”