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NCBWL celebrates 70th anniversary in 2020

NASHVILLE Jan. 6, 2020 — The Nashville Catholic Business Women’s League (NCBWL) is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2020. It is the oldest business organization in the Diocese of Nashville. The NCBWL began with a small group of Catholic women, primarily teachers and nurses, in 1950 and today has grown to include more than 100 active members who fund scholarships to all three Catholic high schools in the city.

NCBWL held its first business meeting at the Hermitage Hotel in late 1949, and in January 1950 officers were chosen to lead the league. By July 1950, the group’s bylaws were established by the women who wanted to share their faith and support each other in their professional lives. A hallmark of the League is its commitment to Catholic education, raising more than $100,000 over its 70 years. In 2020, it contribute $36,000 to the Aurelia Varallo Mariani scholarship fund which awards a scholarship to three girls, one at each of the Catholic High Schools in Nashville: St. Cecilia, Father Ryan, and John Paul II. The scholarship fund was established in 1998 as a memorial to a long-time member, Aurelia Varallo Mariani.

“As we enter our 70th year, it’s time to honor our organization’s rich heritage,” said Teri Gordon, president of the NCBWL. “We were formed by like-minded women and we continue to help Catholic businesswomen connect, network and grow both professionally and spiritually.”

The NCBWL is planning a series of activities throughout 2020 to commemorate its anniversary. Each month in 2020, NCBWL members will make 70 acts of kindness and/or donations to help improve the greater Nashville community. In January, for example, a drive is being conducted to collect 70 Kroger gift cards to give to Catholic Charities. As a capstone for the year, NCBWL members will hold a special event at the Hermitage Hotel on Sunday, Nov. 1. More details will be shared as plans are finalized.

“I’m thrilled to be returning to the Hermitage Hotel, the site of our first official meeting more than 70 years ago,” said Gordon. “It will be a perfect opportunity to showcase our good works over the years and pay tribute to the women who contributed so much time and effort in serving the greater Nashville community through the NCBWL.”

NCBWL is a non-profit organization open to all Catholic women in the Diocese of Nashville. It was established in 1949 and chartered in 1950 to support the spiritual, intellectual and social needs of Catholic women. In addition to monthly meetings and several outings each year, members work to promote and perpetuate Catholic education.

Charter members celebrate the 25th anniversary

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