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70th Anniversary Tea Cancelled,

Replaced with Christmas Party


By Lynne Warne


The day before our Pearls of Wisdom fundraiser event took place, the Diocese of Nashville issued a press release stating that two of its signature gatherings were being canceled or postponed due to the pandemic: the annual ACE (Advancement of Catholic Education) Awards and Holy Fire Nashville events.


Although we had a successful fundraising event on Sept. 11, the 70th Anniversary Planning Committee met soon after and decided that we shouldn’t push our luck — especially around the holidays.


We had originally planned for the 70th Anniversary Tea to be on Nov. 1, 2020 at The Hermitage, a special place not only because it’s a beautiful Nashville landmark; it is the place where our organization held its first meetings.


When the ongoing pandemic forced us to change the date of our event, we moved it to Dec. 19, 2021.


Given the uncertainty surrounding COVID right now, our concern was that many of our members would not be able or willing to attend the 70th Anniversary Tea. Although the situation could change by December, the window for canceling the event was the beginning of October.


The hope is that we can resurrect this event at The Hermitage for our 75th anniversary in 2025!


Rather than “Cancel Christmas,” we discussed ways to still get together but in a low-key way; more like we have in the past. We’re working to secure a venue that’s free, centrally located, with ample parking, and will allow us to bring our own dishes to share. More details to follow!


I want to thank Kathy Langan and Ellen Wade, who were co-chairing the 70th Anniversary Tea. They are examples of good and faithful servants, working tirelessly to change plans several times and always keeping our members’ best interests in mind.


Did you know?

The Nashville Catholic Business Women’s League is the oldest business organization in the Nashville diocese and celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2020. The NCBWL held its first business meeting at the Hermitage Hotel in 1949, and in January 1950 officers were chosen to lead the league. By July 1950, the group’s bylaws were established.


In the beginning, it was a small group of Catholic women, primarily teachers and nurses, who wanted to get together to share their faith and support each other in their professional lives. They could only meet at night because lay groups in different parishes met during the day, and most women in the diocese were heavily involved in those groups. A hallmark of the League is its commitment to Catholic education, raising more than $350,000 over the years.


We are working to finalize a historical timeline of the NCBWL and a “by the numbers” document to showcase our rich and deep history. Look for it to be publicized soon!

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