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* Election of the Board
of Directors (2023-2025) 

* Vote for the Proposed
Amendments to the Bylaws


Board of Directors (2023-2025)

Every two years, the Nashville Catholic Business Women's League elects its Board of Directors. As the term of the current board concludes, the new board will be elected at the March membership meeting. Please cast your VOTES no later than March 12.   


The officers up for election are:         

President: Claudia Weber

President-Elect: Sandra MacSweeney

Treasurer: Karoline Mahoney

Secretary: Trish Cronin

Communications: Patricia Smith

Programs: Mary Rolando

Parliamentarian: Connie Allison




Amendments to the Bylaws were approved through email messaging.                


Who can vote?

PAID MEMBERS are eligible to vote.


How can I vote?

An online poll is available below. 

How many times can I vote?

PAID MEMBER is eligible to a SINGLE VOTE for each of these two important measures. 

What are we voting on?

There are 2 different polls: 1 vote for SLATE and a separate vote for BYLAWS. 

When is the deadline to vote?

For your votes to count, please cast your votes for both Slate and Bylaws by MARCH 12.

Who should I contact for additional info or if I need assistance?

Email us at or


voting is now closed

voting is now closed

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Election Notice 2023
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