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The annual Pearls of Wisdom Fundraiser is going to have a different feel and look but we are still committed to raising money for the Aurelia Varallo Mariani Scholarship fund at the three Catholic High Schools. Our recipients need it as much this year as in the past.  The pandemic has not stopped the need. Please prayerfully consider a generous donation this year for our scholarship recipients from Father Ryan High School, Pope John Paul II High School and St. Cecilia Academy.

We greatly appreciate and thank our generous Scholarship supporters:



Donna Adams * Judy Bayer * Tricia Casa Santa * Barbara Esteves-Moore * Deb Fay * Jacqueline Frazier * Teri Gordon * Brenda Garner * Denise Higgins * Kay Hommrich * Kim Hoover * Peggy Hunt *  Dorothy Kain * Mary Thomas Kain * Fr. Pat Kibby * Beth Lance * Kathy Langan * Debbie Lassiter * Lisa Link * Patti Matsen * Karen McCoy * Diana Miller * Joan Miller * Janine Moore * Nikki Moreland * Mary Myers * Lisa O'Neill-Sullivan * Judy Orr * Kathleen Pohlid * Diana Ryan * Pat Scherer * Michele Smith * Sandra Szejner * Patricia Vance * Frances Anne Varallo * Ellen Wade * Lynne Warne


Meet our

Scholarship Recipients

Aurelia Varallo Mariani Scholarship

One girl at each of the three Catholic high schools in Nashville -- Father Ryan High School, Pope John Paul II High School and St. Cecilia Academy -- received an annual scholarship from NCBWL.

For the past several years, this scholarship has been $12,000 for each girl. Read more about our recipients.

"Wherever God has put you, that is your vocation. It is not what we do but how much love we put into it."
Saint Teresa of Calcutta
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